Love the New Gmail Update

the new Gmail

Source: Gmail Blog

Honestly, I think this is the best update Gmail has made in a while.

All of you who get these emails which are kinda important, but they mess up the whole inbox environment, you’re up for a surprise.

Gmail Bar
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If Your WordPress Blog Has Been Haked/Infected…

wordpress breach

Source: Flickr, by subcircle

So, you think your wordpress blog has been hacked/infected? Sorry to hear that. Here are some easy steps you should follow in order to get back on track. First of all you should understand the fact than any file within your hosting account is a potential threat, so unless you have the time and knowledge to manually check each and one of them, you’ll probably have to backup the whole system. Continue reading

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Google Drive?

Google tried to fully change the concept of the previous Docs, into something of a different caliber, which is actually a combination of Cloud based file hosting & good ol’ Google Docs.

The Good

2 New filters were added to your documents: Recent & Activity.

  • Recent function filters the files by last opened with one more sorting option – “Last Edited by me”, which is available in the top right corner.
  • The “Activity” option allows you to display live updates of everything you and others have modified chronologically. Available by clicking “More” in the left navigation bar, then choose “Activity”.

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What is Google Panda

I feel I have an obligation towards my readers to write about this innovation, since it’s all related to the previous tips I’ve given, which need to be updated.

All this fuzz around Google Panda, I think it’s the right time to explain what it’s all about (I’ll explain why later on).

Google decided that the current algorithm which gives all the search results was not good enough (finally), and made a major upgrade to the code, naming it “Google Panda”. Google Panda v3.2 was released January 14th, 2012, v3.3 was released in February 29th, 2012, v3.4 was released on March 23rd, 2012 and v3.5 on April 19, 2012. 

According to google, bad websites sometimes overpowered the good ones by their SEO methods which easily passed by the old algorithm. Google wants to give you websites which you can trust without any doubt, and they made that possible by adding some new principles. Continue reading

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One is Plenty

I never give financial aid to people (principle). I usually buy food and stuff, find someone who needs it the most, and give it away (usually beggars, or old people who try selling crap to make a buck or two). I actually prefer sitting next to them for a few minutes and observe the world from that angle (how people are too busy to care).

I decided that what I do changes nothing (so many people, and just help one!?), so thought I could buy lots of fruits and go give them to the city’s orphanage personally, and maybe even make an article out of it so people can see how easy it is to help even if you’re alone.

Last month I decided that all that’s left of my salary will be used for charity at the end of the month. Turned out I planned my finances bad (didn’t get my salary to be precise). I wasn’t so much angry about not getting paid, as much as not being able to achieve my goal. Then the lady from my story below came and proved me wrong.

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